About the choir

The Efroni Choir has four active groups -The “Chicks” (“Efrohim”) Choir (ages 6-8), the Young Choir (ages 9-12), the Classical Choir (ages 13-18) and the Adult Ensemble. Today, the choir has over 100 singers from the Hefer Valley and the surrounding area. In the course of choir rehearsals, singers are exposed to a variety of repertoire in different languages ​​and culture. They study vocal pedagogy, musical techniques, sulphage and music theory, they experience creative movement and an empowering cultural experience. The choir is regularly invited to perform with the most important musical institutions in Israel, including the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra and the Israeli Opera, as well as with first-rate artists. The choir often tours and participates in festivals worldwide, and, locally,  and significantly contributes to the community. In 2012, the choir won the Landau Performing Arts Award.

Our Vision
The Efroni Choir sets the bar high artistically and aspires to continue to be one of the leading children's and youth choirs in Israel.

The choir works with leading artists and musical institutions to promote Israeli art and to represent Emek Hefer’s Regional Council and the State of Israel both domestically and overseas. 

The Efroni Choir is dedicated to the musical development of its singers, imparting knowledge and skills and exposing them to a variety of musical styles, traditions, languages ​​and cultures, while familiarizing them with the origins of Jewish and Israeli culture. We are cultivating the future generation of Israeli cultural creators and culture lovers.
The choir aims to enhance its singers’ cultural experience based on creativity, joy and satisfaction, while promoting the values ​​of friendship, responsibility, partnership, and open communication. We are committed to developing the individual and to finding the unique character of each of its singers.
Rooted in Israeli social and cultural experience, The Efroni contributes to the community, and actively takes part in community life. Exposing children and youth from all walks of life to music and to choir singing is a valuable educational tool for developing active relationships with various groups in the Israeli society.

Shelley Berlinsky



Shelley Berlinsky was born and raised in Kibbutz Gan Shmuel. Shelley has graduated from The Jerusalem Academy for Music and Dance as a vocal musician. As a singer Shelley has specialized in the genre of acapella in the field of ancient and early music.

Shelley is the Soprano of the Thalamus Quartet, an a-cappella ensemble which she founded in 2002. The Quartet is one of the leading vocal ensembles in Israel performing in major festivals, various radio stations and TV programs.

As a conductor, Shelley has founded the Cupellate choir, a heterogeneous choir comprised of singers from all walks of life and various religions.

As a musical educator, Shelly instructs singers of a broad spectrum of age groups, from kindergarten to seniors, and has also worked extensively with the needy, believing that singing in itself has the strength to elevate, enrich and connect people whoever they may be.

Shelley has been conducting on the younger Efroni choir for the past 4 years and has been working with the Performing Efroni group for a year.

Choir staff:

Conductor - Shelly Berlinsky

Choir Pianist - Janna Kopelev

Admin - Michal Ofek

Young choir staff:
Conductor - Yael Inbar

Pianist - Yevgeny Michkov

Admin - Sharon Schori

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