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The Efroni Choir has set a goal of being actively involved in, and  make a significant contribution to the community. The choir regularly participates in fundraising concerts including a fundraiser for "Open Heart", for the benefit of families of autistic children, as well as fundraising events for children with cancer and patients in need of medical treatment abroad. The choir is active in centers for the elderly and at events aimed to help youth at risk, as the "Ramon's Squadron Club" - Astronaut Ilan Ramon’s memorial.

​A Whisper In The Wind

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Connecting children and the elderly in our community, benefits and gives meaning to everyone. In 2018 Mrs. Maya Shavit (founder of the Efroni), together with the Ziv Emek Hefer organization, initiated and organized a show aimed at musical preservation and performing music by the veterans of Emek Hefer. This unique encounter included a walk down memory lane, familiarizing the choir singers songs that the elderly veterans remembered from their childhoods.

Holocaust Memorial Concert

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This event took place at a Holocaust Survivor Hostel at kibutz Shaar Menashe. Recognizing music as life force, The Efroni aims to reach out to places where there is hardly any music and no children. That’s how we ended up visiting the Holocaust Survivor Hostel at Sha'ar Menashe Hospital for a memorable performance for everyone present.

Concerts with the Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra

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The Efroni Choirs regularly perform alongside the Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra as part of the orchestra's educational program. This includes series shows for families as well as concerts at schools. Through these concerts, thousands of children are exposed to the world of choral singing.

A Song in the Valley

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This program was created to celebrate choral singing at the Hefer Valley. As part of the program, Moran and Efroni choirs are taking the area’s elementary school choirs as prodigies, mentoring them and providing signer and conductor alike a close professional guidance. The culmination of the project is a joint performance for the Efroni, along with the school choirs to audiences throughout the entire community.

A Choir with a Heart

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When Liron, a young singer in the choir, was diagnosed with cancer, we all enlisted to support him and his family. The appropriate medical treatment was highly expensive, which the family could not afford. To raise the funds, we created a special show in collaboration with one of the leading artists in Israel, Shlomi Shabbat. Regrettably, Liron did not survive. May he rest in peace and blessed be his soul.

Class Action

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The choir considers nurturing the future generation of music and cultural advocates in the country, as one of its essential roles. The Efroni has been initiating various music education programs. These programs target young children, teaches artistic choir singing, and concert audience skills. As part of these programs, the Efroni choirs hold guided concerts at kindergartens and schools.

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